Tunefootwear Logo

Orbit Logistics is pleased to welcome Tunefootwear.com to its family of eCommerce fulfillment clients.  Orbit’s Virginia Fulfillment center will provide  warehousing, eCommerce fulfillment and shopping cart integration services for Tunefootwear and their line of minimalist dress shoes.

Visit Tunefootwear at www.tunefootwear.com .

About TUNEfootwear

First and foremost, TUNEfootwear is about WELLNESS – complete body wellness. TUNEfootwer is committed to providing a healthy fitting shoe to promote healthy feet. With healthy feet, maintaining a healthy body becomes easier.

About Orbit Logistics-  Orbit Logistics, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, provides eCommerce fulfillment, retailer fulfillment and warehousing services  for a wide range of industries.  Each of our services are powered by Orbit’s customized suite of web based technologies to provide seamless integration and real time visibility.   To learn more about Orbit Logistics call us at 866.534.6744 or contact us via email.