Let Orbit  manage the pick, pack and shipping operation of your  business with our turnkey fulfillment   services…

eCommerce Fulfillment

Orbit Logistics works closely with our online retailers to provide the technology and operational support to meet the high expectations of the online consumer.  Orbit’s demand driven eCommerce fulfillment and warehousing solutions allow our customers to excel during peak sales conditions and remain efficient and sustainable during the off-season.

Why choose Orbit Logistics for your eCommerce order fulfillment?

  • Orbit will design, host and manage your customized online eCommerce store.
  • Integration Services for easy order assimilation for customers with existing shopping carts.
  • SEO and Social Media management to promote and maximize your online presence.
  • Turnkey fulfillment services from receiving your product to pick, pack and ship.
  • Returns Management to accommodate returned merchandise or product exchanges.
  • Dedicated account manager that understands your product and customer base.
  • Web Based Reporting and Inventory Management for real time visibility.
  • Guaranteed Service Levels – Orders received by 2:00 PM ship same day.

5 Steps to a Happy eCommerce Customer

B2B Fulfillment

Harness the power of our retailer relationships and never worry about vendor compliance issues again with your order fulfillment operation.  Orbit’s retail distribution division specializes in retail fulfillment and will ensure your product roll-out or product replenishment is accurate, on time and conforms to your retailer’s specific routing guidelines.

Why choose Orbit Logistics for your B2B order fulfillment?

  • Integrated Vendor Routing Guide Compliance.
  • EDI compliance for seamless exchange of sales data and shipping documents.
  • Dedicated Vendor Compliance Manager to manage your transaction.
  • Retail Distribution Services and Retail Replenishment Programs.
  • Automated RMA and returns processing
  • Logistics and Distribution Management,
  • Direct Import Management.
  • Secured and automated warehouse and distribution.

Online Marketplace Fulfillment

Orbit can help you sell and integrate across all channels including Amazon, Ebay, New Egg and other online marketplaces.

Why choose Orbit Logistics for your Online Marketplace fulfillment?

  • Orbit can pick – pack – ship to the specific online marketplace guidelines.
  • Integration Services for easy transfer ASN and Order processing details.
  • Online Merchant Portal Management so you can be free to sell your product

Same-Day Delivery

When tomorrow isn’t fast enough utilize Orbit’s same day delivery network to supercharge your fulfillment program and boost your competitive edge.  Be the first to your customer with our Same Day fulfillment solution powered by our advanced tracking technologies and utilization of our Web based solutions.

Why choose Orbit’s Same Day Delivery Network?

  • Pick, pack and ship with same day delivery!
  • Advanced Shipment Tracking with complete product visibility.
  • Web Based Shipment Tracking and status updates
  • Dedicated Shipping Account Manager.

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