Building the right fulfillment technologies to support your business.

Fulfillment Technology and Integration Solutions

Orbit Logistics provides real time inventory and order processing data for each of its fulfillment and warehousing clients. Each customer is unique and likewise Orbit designs our technologies around the specific needs of our clients. If required, Orbit’s custom development team can design the right application and interface to suit your company’s objectives.

Benefits of partnering with the right fulfillment technology?

  • Orbit will design, host and manage your customized online eCommerce store.
  • Integration Services for easy order assimilation for customers with existing shopping carts.
  • Web Based Inventory Management
  • Online Order Processing
  • D2C (Direct to Consumer) Shopping Cart Design
  • B2B (Business to Business) Shopping Cart Design
  • Robust Integration Services with 3rd Party ERP and Accounting Systems
  • Web Based Reporting and Inventory Management for real time visibility.
  • Custom Application Design
  • EDI

Think We Can Help?

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