On Demand Value Add Solutions for your Order Fulfillment Program.

Value Added Warehousing & Fulfillment

Orbit’s value added logistics services are critical in formulating a turnkey fulfillment solution for our clients.  Orbit Logistics has the technology and resources to go beyond warehousing and fulfillment and ensure the continued success of our clients by providing Kitting and Assembly, Returns Management, Custom  Application and Design and Life Cycle Management.

“Orbit provides us a single source to manage all the variables associated with our inventory. The ability to handle any task under one roof is extremely valuable to our operation.”

Kitting and Product Assembly

Orbit Logistics provides kitting and assembly services to complement its full range of order fulfillment and warehousing solutions. In our assembly warehouses, we can provide parts kitting, product assembly services, marketing package construction or design other customized hands on solutions

  • On Demand/Build to Order Product Assortment
  • Labeling, Packaging, Repackaging
  • Promotions
  • Equipment Postponement
  • Complex Electronics Assembly
  • POS/POP Display Assembly
  • Sales and Marketing Packages
  • Assembly Warehouse

Product Returns Management

Efficient product return processes are  essential to protecting your bottom line and supplementing your order fulfillment and warehousing operation.  A balance of technology and dedicated customer support is required to properly implement and sustain  an efficient and cost effective program to manage the back flow of your returned products.  Orbit Logistics can design a customized reverse logistics service that’s tailored to your product specification, return method and flow through rate.

  • Defined RMA Program
  • Call Tag Service
  • Automated Receipt Notification
  • Restocking
  • Return Evaluation
  • Bulk Retailer Returns
  • OSD Reporting
  • eCommerce Returns

Product Repair and Reconditioning

Orbit Logistics repair depots can rejuvenate your return products so they are available for resale or comply with warranty commitments. Our repair and reconditioning depots are staffed with specialists who understand the intricacies of your product lines and can ensure your products are repaired to original manufacturing standards.

  • Product Diagnostics
  • Parts Stripping
  • Re-Packaging
  • Warranty Validation
  • Re-Assembly
  • Refurbishment

Product Life Cycle Management

Implement advanced inventory control by utilizing Orbit Logistic’s warranty management technology.  Manage the complete life cycle of your high value inventory and track inbound and outbound transaction by lot numbers or serial numbers.  Gain visibility into the complete history of unique batches or product lines with serial numbers.

  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Lot Tracking
  • Batch Tracking
  • Online Audit Trail
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • Warranty Verification

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