How long has Orbit Logistics been in business?2014-12-03T20:09:29-05:00

We have been providing service since 1985.

What types of companies does Orbit work with?2021-07-29T18:22:50-04:00

Orbit Logistics works with a broad range of customers in various industries.  Each company we partner with is in different stages of development from the small eCommerce startup to larger established distributors and retailers.  Orbit’s order fulfillment and distribution facilities are scalable to accommodate the current needs of your business whether it is shipping 10 orders a day or 1000 orders a day. –


Can I view my account information and inventory online?2014-12-03T20:08:25-05:00

Yes.  All of Orbit’s supported technologies are web based allowing you full visibility into our processes.  With our web based tools you can check inventory, order status and track shipments.  Orbit also provides web based reporting that can be viewed online or exported in PDF, Excel, CSV and XML formats.  Orbit can also integrate our fulfillment technology into your back-end applications.

Does Orbit have any minimum charges for fulfillment service?2014-12-03T20:05:54-05:00

Orbit does not charge any minimums for service. We provide On Demand Fulfillment and Distribution and you only pay for the order fulfillment services you need.

Can Orbit provide inbound logistics support from my manufacturers ?2014-12-03T20:06:21-05:00

Yes.  Orbit manages resources all over the world that can secure your products from international manufacturers.  Orbit can coordinate your ocean and airfreight as well as provide customs clearance services. – See more at: https://orbit3pl.com/faq-about-orbit-services/#sthash.5TGpSGbI.dpuf

Can Orbit Logistics help manage the order fulfillment for my b2b and b2c relationships?2014-12-03T20:07:06-05:00

Orbit supports both your b2b and b2c customer base.

To learn more about our eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions (b2c)  click here

To learn more about our Retail Distribution Solutions (b2b)   click here –

Can Orbit assign and track my products by lot numbers and/or serial numbers?2014-12-03T20:07:37-05:00

Yes.  Orbit’s inventory management technology can assign and track your inventories by Lot Number or by Serial Number.  These enhanced controls assist in regulatory compliance for certain industries and assist in mitigating recall expenses.

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